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My Approaches to Therapy

Counselling is a form of psychotherapy and the aim of counselling is to help you find your own way towards a more fulfilling way of life.

Issues and problems are a natural way of life, which everyone will face in their lives, but knowing that you are not alone in this can bring a sense of relief. 

I work integratively which means that I integrate the main schools of psychological thought in a structured manner around you. Working this way means that your therapy is tailored around you, with the person centered model being at the forefront of my approach. 

So by now you must be thinking what all this means, here is a brief description of what types of therapy I use.

  • Person centered model: This approach facilitates the personal growth and relationships of a client by allowing you to explore and utilise your own strengths and personal identity. The core purpose of person centered therapy is to facilitate our ability to self-actualise the belief that all of us will grow and fulfill our potential.  


  • Psychodynamic model: This type of therapy emphasises on the past and how our behaviour and feelings as adults are rooted in our childhood experiences. The psychodynamic approach is guided by the core principle that the unconscious mind harbours deep-rooted feelings and memories that can affect our behaviour. 


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: CBT helps you manage problems by helping you recognise how your thoughts can affect your feelings and behaviour. I will work with you to help you focus on the "here and now". I will help you recognise how past events may have shaped your thinking and behaviours, teaching you how to not only adapt your thoughts, but manage them. 

I am an accredited member of the National counselling society, which means that I adhere to their code of ethics and take confidentiality seriously within my practice.   

"The brain is wider than the sky."


Emily Dickinson


Due to Covid-19 my services are as follows
Group Sessions
Personal Sessions
Group sessions will be done via skype or Zoom
Personal sessions will be taken via phonecall
Due to Covid-19 this service is temporarily unavailable 
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