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My name is Harry Adams. I became a counsellor because I myself have had mental health issues which lead me to seek counselling for depression and anxiety. I must admit when my doctor suggested that I see a counsellor  I was a little taken back, I was naive into thinking that only serious mental health issues resulted into someone needing to see a professional. Even after my very first session with my counsellor I felt relieved, not only  because someone knew what I was going through but because  I took that first step  into wanting to explore what was causing these issues. 

After 4 months of weekly sessions and my counsellor allowing me to explore my thoughts and feelings, that I now know I was repressing, I was feeling much more positive about things again. Don't get me wrong I wasn't 100% but the sessions I had with my counsellor gave me strategies and tools to help me deal with these issues.

After the sessions had finished I really found a passion for mental health and wanted to help people, so I trained for 3 and half years, the first year consisted of hypnotherapy and the other 2 and half years consisted of psychotherapy.

The course I took has over 20 years experience in training counsellors, it combines the best elements of well-known counselling and psychotherapy models, such as , person-centered therapy, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, alongside hypnotherapy. which brings together a unique, tried and tested approach, called psychotherapeutic counselling.  

 "We can work together to be your best"

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